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Solve for housing. For every member.

Upside is a resource for everybody

No more chasing down local housing resources

Upside uncovers and identifies aging members that need help with housing. And we make the rest easy for you, your member, and their family.

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Upside helps when nobody else can

Traditional care isn't cutting it

When your members experience a trigger event such as the death of a loved one, a disaster, disability, divorce, or the need to downsize, they're likely in need of new housing arrangements. 

With Upside, your member gets to age in the RIGHT place by choosing the best housing option for themallowing them to live a longer, healthier life. 


Upside is at the center of everything

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Benefits to everyone involved

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How does Upside work?

Upside is a member-centric service hub for your members. And your plan.


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Yes! Housing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. And we specialize in delivering versatile, flexible support that meets members where they are. We’d be happy to walk through your particular use cases.
A housing benefit is not just a subsidy for rent and utilities. A housing benefit is unlimited access to aging-in-place specialists, navigation and transition support, and vital wrap-around SDOH services. In addition, Upside helps build and manage your housing program(s) to maximize any invested resources. 
There are many reasons why members need help with housing—it’s not just finances. And many members don’t know that they can go to their plan for support. But Upside helps you connect with all members who need your help. So you have a positive impact on your members’ health later down the line.
Upside is designed to make services as simple and affordable as possible for both you and your members. 

Reach out to discuss the details for your particular plan.
Upside enables members to age in the RIGHT place. Which can be their own home, after Upside coordinates an in-home safety assessment and any safety/accessibility modifications. For those looking to transition their living environment, we source housing for your memberson demandand in a member-centric way. And optimize each home to their individual needs. 

Read more about how Upside is innovating the care industry.
Yes! When we source housing for members, we run our Availability Assessment. This is Upside’s process of qualifying units, identifying communities, and using our relationship network to find move-in-ready spaces. The outcome: many solutions for members according to their needs and budget. 

Reach out to learn more about Upside’s Availability Assessment.
Upside currently operates in 6,000 communities in 42 states. But we’re looking to grow! Just give us 45-60 days to develop the relationships necessary to become operational in your target area, if we are not there already. 
The traditional housing market is expensive. But with Upside, members save an average of 32% on monthly living expenses. That’s money back in their pocket to spend elsewhere. And plans experience improvements to membership growth and retention, reduction in medical spend, as well as positive health outcomes and care gap closures for members. 

Happy to share an analysis for your particular plan, please contact us.
Learn everything you need to know about Upside so you can share the benefits with your organization.