Upside helps your members age in place in multiple ways. Upside Support Options are delivered through an integrated model that combines the investments you already make in support resources and care, along with strapping additional Upside managed services around affordable housing units.

First, we conduct a baseline risk and SDoH assessment to understand your target market so we can focus offerings on your population, whether that’s consumers with Medicare Advantage, D-SNP, Medicaid or commercial plans.

Then, we deliver a risk data report so you can understand the vulnerabilities your members are facing. This way, we can tailor housing choices, amenities and supports that suit their specific needs. 

Your members benefit from an in-home safety assessment and Upside managed housing. That includes the following: 

  • A Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS)
  • Accessible housing price points
  • Project management for a turnkey Upside membership experience 
  • Discounted access to Upside amenities
  • Full transition support for members 
  • A guided referral process to senior living if required

The Member Advantage – Your Upside Plan, Your Way

Our experienced team works with you to design a specific program for your health plan’s population. You decide what supports offer value to members. Then, we’ll manage communications and engagement so members fully utilize the benefit to drive better health and financial outcomes. Dedicated Upside Managers are non-clinical concierges who work directly with Health Plan Coordinators. You maintain the member relationship while gaining support to do more and give more. Everyone wins. 

Upside also offers the following supports to members: 

Housing Navigation

  • Move-in support 
  • Utility setup
  • Accessibility and safety modifications 

Food Services

  • Nutrition and food access case management 
  • Evidenced-based group nutrition class 


  • Reimbursement for health-related public transportation 
  • Reimbursement for health-related private transportation 


  • Linkages to health-related legal supports

The Upside of Aging in Place

Care is moving home, and Upside is ahead of the market with a new category of living for adults who embrace independence and appreciate a menu of services and supports they can select if and when they need them. According to a McKinsey report, the consultancy expects $265 billion in care services to migrate to the home by 2025. Upside is positioned to align health plan providers with the growing population of people who want to age in place.

As a health plan provider, you can deliver the resources, services and supports your members want and need, while benefiting your top and bottom line. You’ll improve member retention and satisfaction, help members optimize their benefits, and reduce costly claims with proactive housing and health-centered services. 

Upside can scale up or down with members’ needs.

We work with a wide range of health plans and long-term care providers with varying added-value services and benefits in place. Some providers are looking for a comprehensive suite of Upside living and concierge services, while others are interested in wrap-around supports to enhance their existing offering.