Housing for All Members

Identify and uncover aging members that need help with housing. Even those that don't show up on a report.

Now, members know your plan can help.

By looking at social drivers of health and member financial constraints, Upside identifies those who need housing support. 

And connects each member to a housing solution.

Upside works with a variety of eligible populations


How we identify members in need

Members don’t often share their needs with their health plan.
But they do share that information with Upside.

Here’s how Upside identifies members who need help with housing:


When members reach out to Upside, we screen for housing and other SDOH needs. And we accept referrals from our health plan partners too.



Based on the need, Upside puts together a housing and SDOH care plan for each member.



Upside reports back to, and coordinates an intervention with, our health plan partners.


The process is quick, easy, and accepting of all members.


A comprehensive, first-of-its-kind initiative aimed at identifying housing risks and promoting relevant, stable housing for individuals in need on a national scale. Through tailored recommendations and a range of interventions, Upside addresses the specific needs of each of your eligible members. This not only supports sustainable housing arrangements but also contributes to significantly reduced claims costs.
Yes! Housing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. And we specialize in delivering versatile, flexible support that meets members where they are. We’d be happy to walk through your particular use cases.
Upside currently operates in 6,000 communities across 42 states and is continuing to grow! For an analysis of our network in your area, please contact us.
Upside’s flexible program design and straightforward fee structure make services simple and affordable for both you and your members. Reach out to discuss the details of your particular plan and to receive a customized proposal.
Plans who work with Upside to solve housing stability issues can expect to experience improvements in membership growth and retention, enhanced member engagement, reductions in medical spending, and positive health outcomes for enrolled members.
Learn everything you need to know about Upside so you can share the benefits with your organization.